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Filming your child before an appointment

So we can observe and listen to your child’s speech skills and agree the next steps for your child together, we ask you to send us some short video clips of you and your child working on their speech folder together at home each week. 

Tips for filming:

  • Record one-to-one, in a quiet room or quiet corner – turn off the TV and radio and get away from any siblings if possible.
  • Try to set the phone/tablet up away from your child so that they do not get too distracted by it, but close enough to your child so that we can hear your child’s sounds.
  • Position the camera so that we can see you and your child’s faces – think about sitting at the corner of the table with the speech resources between you (example pictured).
  • Set up a ‘workspace’ in this quiet area which you use each time you work on your child’s speech folder – ideally with a table and two chairs, so you are both at roughly the same height (example pictured).
  • If you are using adult chairs at a dining table, think about putting a box or stack of books under your child’s feet so that they can put their feet down on something solid – this will help them concentrate and move around less.
  • Each speech video should be no longer than five minutes in total.
  • If you want to record a series of shorter videos over a few days rather than trying to capture everything all at once you can do it that way.
  • If you want to include videos where it wasn’t ‘successful’ you can do that too – it’s good for us to see what is tricky for you at home, so we can think about it together.

Important information

  • Please state your child’s full name at the beginning of each video.
  • To give consent read through the video consent form and email us to confirm that you have read it and are in agreement.

How to send the videos to us

  1. Please send the videos using WhatsApp – you may need to download WhatsApp onto your phone first. It’s free.
  2. Your therapist will give you a mobile number to send these to – you will need to add the mobile number as a contact in your phone.
  3. You will receive confirmation that we have received the videos and the therapist will contact you as agreed to discuss the videos and next steps with you.
  4. Please only use this mobile number for sending the videos – any other calls or text messages will not be monitored.

If you have any further queries, please contact us.