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Orthotics and serial casting


Your physiotherapist may suggest referring your child to an orthotist for splints or another orthotic device.  There are some leaflets that may be helpful. Always talk to your physiotherapist, if you have any questions/concerns.

Serial casting

Serial casting is when a series of special bandages are wrapped around your child’s foot and ankle. These bandages set hard to hold your child’s foot in place. Serial casting aims to stretch muscles around the ankle so they have more movement around their ankle and as a result their walking may become easier.

If your child is wearing splints, the serial casting can also make these more useful and comfortable to wear.

Your physiotherapist may suggest that your child may benefit from serial casting. Your physiotherapist will discuss the reasons for suggesting this with you. This information leaflet may help you to understand serial casting, but please do ask your physiotherapist, if you have any concerns/questions.