What we offer

Our vision is to be the provider of choice by delivering excellent care and improving the health of our communities. Our values demonstrate that we act with integrity and professionalism and show we CARE.

We have four values:

  • Compassionate – We put patients and our service users at the heart of everything we do. We’re positive, kind and polite. We understand diversity. We’re respectful, patient and tolerant.
  • Aspirational – We feel empowered and we empower our patients. We strive to improve. Our focus is on research and generating ideas and innovations. We’re open, transparent and we think creatively.
  • Responsive – We listen. We act. We communicate clearly. We do what we say we will. We take account of other’s opinions.
  • Excellence – We strive to deliver the best care we can. We grow a culture of excellence in our teams. We challenge complacency.

Learning opportunities

We offer a range of learning to help our employees and Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, achieve success.

To help the organisation meet its objectives and enable staff to practice safely, effectively and flexibly, all our employees must complete mandatory training and training that is essential to their particular role.

We have an established Education and Workforce Development Team to help with learning needs. The team plans and delivers mandatory and essential training and provides opportunities that support individual development needs.

We are committed to developing the skills of every employee. We plan, design, co-ordinate and carry out training, from basic skills to leadership development, as well as providing a range of services to support learners.

Emphasis has shifted from training to learning. Many of our courses are run on a traditional classroom basis, but we now also provide a range of e-learning modules and links to other methods of knowledge acquisition.

Positive about diversity

We are a Trust that prides itself on the growing diversity of our staff.

We recognise that when staff are able to be themselves, they are happier, more effective and more productive.

KCHFT is an active participant in the Mindful Employer Scheme. We consider the mental health and wellbeing of our staff a priority.

We are committed to the Stonewall Diversity Champions and Workplace Equality Index programmes. We make sure the wellbeing of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender staff  is assessed to ensure we are treating everyone fairly.

We follow the Two Ticks ‘Positive about disabled people’ programme, an initiative by the Department of Work and Pensions to ensure the welfare of people with disabilities, from the point you apply for a job and throughout your career with us.

We also have staff networks for Black and Minority Ethnic employees, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered employees and employees with a disability which are supported by a champion from our Board.

We warmly welcome applicants from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. We enjoy working here, we will do all we can to make sure you will too.

Recognising our staff

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust is committed to recognising the achievements and initiatives of our exceptional staff through our annual staff awards scheme.

Every year we invite staff and patients to nominate the individuals or teams who consistently work above and beyond the call of duty and who always go the extra mile to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

Nominations are shortlisted by an independent panel and are judged against our values of caring with compassion, striving for excellence and working in partnership.

Categories include employee of the year, inspirational manager of the year, clinical and non-clinical team of the year and mentor of the year.

Shortlisted nominees are invited to a staff celebration event where the winners are announced by the chief executive.

Staff benefits

There are many benefits to working for us.

Flexible working

More than half of our workforce works flexibly in some way. Here are some of the ways that this may work for you:


This ranges from occasional work arrangements to a little less than full-time working.

Job sharing

This allows a full-time workload, if carefully organised, to be shared between two or more people.

Short-term, part- time

Staff can voluntarily reduce their hours for a temporary period (up to 12 months), usually to manage caring or other personal commitments.

Part-time before retirement

This is a reduction in hours or responsibilities to wind down before retiring.

Compressed hours

This is when employees work their contracted hours over a shorter period than normal practice, for example working nine long days over a fortnight instead of 10.

Term-time (or part-year) working

This allows employees to work term-time only and have school holidays off.

Unpaid employment break (career break)

We offer career breaks to existing staff on a case-by-case basis.

Annualised hours

A standard number of working hours are set, but they can be worked at any time during the year. For example, someone could agree to work 1045 hours a year instead of 20 hours per week.

Home working

This is usually project or administration-based work at home, combined with normal place of work duties.


This allows employees to choose, within an agreed limit, their start and finish time as long as the needs of the service can be met and the contractual obligations are being met.

Time off in lieu (TOIL)

This means employees may take time off to compensate for any extra hours worked, in agreement with their line manager.

Please note that all of the above are subject to agreement with your line manager; they will need to make sure service needs and your needs are taken into consideration.

Childcare voucher schemes

We offer a scheme for childcare vouchers, which acts as a salary sacrifice scheme. This allows you to make large savings in tax every year.

These vouchers can be used for children up to the age of 16 and can be claimed by both parents.

NHS discounts

NHS discounts is a national scheme that is able to offer discounts and services for many everyday household goods and activities.

These include: Cars and motoring, fashion, health and wellbeing, vouchers gifts, insurance and holidays.

Have a look at the NHS discounts website.

Lease cars

Any permanent member of staff can apply for a new car and the payment is taken from their salary each month – lease cars are provided by NHS Fleet Solutions. This means you will pay lower tax, national insurance and student loan contributions – and get a new car.

A lease car offers trouble-free motoring. The price you pay every month includes road tax, insurance, servicing, wear and tear and new tyres when needed. You can insure up to five other drivers.

All you pay for on top of your monthly fee is your personal mileage. There is a wide range of cars to choose from and flexible three-year contracts.

Pension scheme

We operate a pension scheme, where your employer contributes up to 14 per cent of your pensionable pay. Anyone who starts working for the NHS automatically becomes a member of the NHS Pension Scheme, but membership is voluntary and you can opt not to join and leave the scheme at any time by completing a form.