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Concerns about hypermobility (being ‘double jointed’)

Hypermobility is a normal variant and usually does not require a referral to a physiotherapist.

Ligaments are structures which act like rubber bands and support the joints; they tend to be longer and stretch more in people with hypermobility. This causes a person to have more movement at their joints, which is also known as being double jointed. Their muscles have to work hard to control this bigger range of movement and a lot of strength is needed to keep the joint safe and in place.

Advice and strategies

The following video provides advice and tips on developing core stability.

The following video provides exercises to make you stronger.


The following APCP leaflets provide advice on:



If your child is experiencing pain or functional difficulties, a referral to a physiotherapist may be beneficial. Please refer to our service criteria and referral guidelines before considering a referral