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Coordination and motor development

Helping your school aged child’s motor development

It is really important that you maximise movement opportunities for your children, so that they can develop their motor skills and to encourage movement and activity for life.  This government website gives some fantastic ideas of how to help children to be active, whatever their ability.

Does your child have co-ordination difficulties?


This gross motor programme was developed for children with coordination difficulties to do in small groups, at school.  However, you can try the activities at home.

BEAM warm-up example

Bike riding

Some children find mastering the skill of bike riding difficult. These leaflets give you a step by step approach about how to help them to develop this skill.


Ball skills, balance, body awareness

The Fizzy and Clever Hands Programme has three stages:

  • Beginners (level 1)
  • Intermediate (level 2)
  • Advanced (level 3)

The Fizzy and Clever Hands Programmes are recommended for schools and families to use, to promote the development of motor skills for children who find these activities challenging.

It can be helpful to use this programme when you are concerned about a child's motor skills.  It can help to establish whether or not a referral to occupational therapy/physiotherapy is required or can be used while a child is waiting to be seen by an occupational/physiotherapist.