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End of life care

Supporting our colleagues to provide excellent end-of-life care to patients in the community.

If you, or someone you are close to, is nearing the end of life, we have lots of information to support your journey.

Who we are

Depending on your condition and needs, the following professionals may be involved at some point in your journey:

  • hospital consultant
  • GP
  • community nurses
  • intermediate care
  • hospice specialist doctor or nurse
  • care manager
  • other specialist services or healthcare professionals, such as a dietician or speech and language therapist
  • carers.

You will be given contact numbers of all the professionals looking after you.
This will also include numbers for out-of-hours, bank holidays and weekends.

What we do

End of life care helps all those nearing the end of their life to live as well as possible until they die. We provide nursing care and therapy, in partnership with your GP, to help support you, your family and carers during the last phase of your life.

We work with you to help you be in your preferred place of care and to support you and those important to you.

We work with your GP, other care providers and professionals, to help with symptoms you may have. We will discuss with you any advanced decisions you may have made and will talk to you about the best way we can support you at the end of your life.

Professionals involved in your care may therefore ask about how you wish to be supported, what is important to you, where you want to be cared for and even types of care and/or treatment you might want to avoid.

Talking about dying won’t bring it any closer but may help you to make the most of the time you have left. It is important to be brave and talk to your family and/or friends about dying.

How do you use this service?

Contact your GP or healthcare professional.

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