Performance in Initiating and Delivering Clinical Research (PID)

The government wishes to see a change and a sustained improvement in performance of providers within the NHS Services in initiating and delivering clinical research.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has been given this task by the Department of Health (DH) to oversee this activity.

The main purpose of PID is to ensure that more patients are given the opportunity to participate in research and to make research more attractive within the UK. The NIHR wishes for the outcome of all clinical trials to be published and benchmarked against contracts signed by each NHS organisation.  The publication needs to be easily available to the public.

The NIHR outcome measures include:-

  • An initial benchmark of 70 days or less from the time an NHS organisation receives a valid research application to the time when the provider recruits (or consents) the first eligible patient for that study (performance in initiating clinical research)
  • The NHS provides performance in recruiting time and target for commercial clinical trials (performance in delivery of clinical research).

This information will be updated quarterly. Last updated: 01/01/2018

PID reports

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Q2 PID data (2018/19)

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