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Education and movement programme



BEAM is a movement screening and development tool for young children suitable for use in primary schools. It is a fun-to-use schools-based programme developed by qualified physiotherapists in Kent.

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The six-week balance, education and movement programme is split into three blocks of graded activities, where the emphasis is on achievement and fun. It is easily organised and run by school staff and requires minimal equipment – the majority of what is needed can already be found in schools.

Early screening using BEAM ensures prompt identification of children with balance and movement difficulties.

Research has shown that co-ordination and balance are necessary for children to develop classroom skills, such as the ability to sit still, to concentrate and listen, eye contact and tracking, as well as hand-to-eye co-ordination.

BEAM is suitable for most children. In Reception Year, BEAM can be used for the whole class in place of PE for six weeks. By following clear instructions, you will quickly become confident at recognising which children will benefit from improving their movement skills.

Our BEAM protocol – part of the programme – offers advice on children who do not make the expected progress; the six-week course enables you to identify children who require appropriate therapy advice.

If you have any questions while carrying out the BEAM programme, please contact your local paediatric physiotherapy team.

The BEAM package includes a step-by-step 76-page guide to the programme, as well as interactive animated Mr BEAM CD(s) for use with the warm-ups and exercise blocks A to C.

You can download support material, such as progress sheets and certificates for children who take part in the programme here:

If you have any questions while carrying out the BEAM programme, please contact your local paediatric physiotherapy team.

“The BEAM scheme is worth running, even in a busy schedule because it has a knock-on effect to all other subjects.”

“BEAM is very easy to run. It’s all set out for you and you can adapt it and take it your own way.”

“When a child starts to succeed in the BEAM group, their gross motor skills improve. It helps their fine motor skills, but mainly their confidence grows.’’

“The children get a lot of pleasure from it; it boosts their self-esteem, as well as their physical movements and co-ordination.’’

“Part of the project is listening to instructions and responding – that helps all parts of the curriculum. We have seen children make great progress.’’

If you have any queries please contact the service:

Children’s Therapies Service

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust
Children’s Therapies Service
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