Health assessment for primary school-age

We offer health assessments for children in reception and in year 6. These help parents, carers or children identify anything that may impact on a child’s ability to achieve their potential.

For example, they may have a long-term medical condition, like diabetes, asthma or anaphylaxis, be a young carer, or perhaps need counselling to cope with bereavement or a relationship problem. The assessment can also help to support a child’s smooth transition into primary or secondary school.

  • Reception health assessment screening (parents/carer to complete)
  • Year 6 health assessment (children to complete at start of year 6)

Paper versions are available from your school or from the service on 0300 123 4496 (for Kent).

Once we have the results, you may be invited to talk to one of our team. If your child needs specialist help, we can refer them.