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FOI requests for August 2022

2022.099 Staffing (336.11kb) Download
2022.109 Diabetes Systems (199.79kb) Download
2022.110 IT (277.38kb) Download
2022.112 Physiotherapy Waiting Lists (272.37kb) Download
2022.113 Staff Spend (295.84kb) Download
2022.116 Temporary Staff (243.77kb) Download
2022.117 NHS Digital eReferral Service Process (278.33kb) Download
2022.118 Contact Details (252.27kb) Download
2022.119 Interpreting (289.22kb) Download
2022.120 Guardian of Safe Working (198.45kb) Download
2022.121 Interventional Radiology (256.20kb) Download
2022.122 Physiotherapists (252.14kb) Download
2022.123 processing FOI requests (88.59kb) Download
2022.125 Spend on Agency Staff (204.84kb) Download
2022.126 Sterile Services (225.74kb) Download
2022.127 Maternity Services and Overseas Patients (224.65kb) Download
2022.128 Promoting diversity (149.93kb) Download
2022.129 Electronic Patient Record system (91.00kb) Download
2022.130 Non-emergency patient transport service (97.06kb) Download
2022.132 ADHD referrals (216.90kb) Download
2022.134 Stillbirth and Infant Deaths (210.29kb) Download
2022.135 Radiography agency use (167.53kb) Download
2022.137 Maternity Services (69.13kb) Download
2022.143 Clinical services (139.06kb) Download
2022.095 Elective Invasive Procedures (247.30kb) Download