Oral Health Promotion Service

Providing oral health education, advice, information and training.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information about our service

We are planning to re-open our clinics on a phased return over the next six months. We will contact patients to reschedule appointments as and when services restart. Meanwhile, patients can contact us in an emergency using the details below. 

This includes outer north east London, inner north east London, special care and paediatric dental services.

Keep up-to-date with the latest information, read our page on Coronavirus.

Contact us

0300 790 0158

Who we are

We provide evidence based oral health promotion services in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Waltham Forest, and Redbridge. We base our interventions on the Oral health ToolKit which describes evidence based oral health interventions that really work

The Oral Health Promotion Service provides oral health education, advice, information and training, in various settings, to groups of all ages and abilities. Each member of our experienced Oral Health Promotion Team has an individual approach.

For Kent Oral Health promotion information, please contact

Specialist services we offer (North East London only)

Early years

We provide the following early years services, please see below.

  • Nursery Schools
  • Pre-Schools
  • Mother and baby groups
  • Children Centres/Sure Start Centres
  • Breastfeeding groups
  • Ante-natal groups
  • Young parent groups


Oral health in schools

The Oral Health Promotion Team is available to provide dental health information to schools.

Below are examples of sessions that can be provided. Each of our experienced oral health promoters has an individual approach.

We also provide the following school services;

  • Reception to year 6
  • Extended school clubs
  • Transition days

Foundation stage – Nursery and year 1

Key stage 1 – years 1 and 2

This would include simple information on the importance of our teeth; i.e. what we use them for and how to care for them. We also cover healthy eating advice.

Lots of visual aids, including teeth models and puppets are used together with role-play; e.g. dressing up as a dentist and nurse.

It may be possible for classes to visit a dental surgery, by appointment.

Key stage 2 – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6

More detailed information on function, development and care of teeth, including disclosing sessions as required.

(This involves a tablet, containing a harmless vegetable dye, which is chewed for 30 seconds, and shows the dental biofilm or plaque present on the teeth).

Again, class visits to the dental surgery may be arranged.

Key stage 3 – Senior schools

Generally, senior schools are not visited by the team unless requested in the case of specific health events, e.g. Health Fairs or Days.

We are happy to adapt presentations to suit you.

Vulnerable adult and children groups

Care Homes: We offer oral health training for care staff within residential homes. We provide carers with the knowledge and skills to enable them to maintain good oral hygiene for all clients.

Special Needs Groups: We visit support groups for adults and children with learning disabilities and supported housing to offer advice and support on all aspects of oral hygiene for residents and carers.

Vulnerable groups: We can offer oral health advice to groups who may not usually have the opportunity to access dental health advice. These groups may include homeless

Other healthcare professionals

Training for, and with health professionals – Speech and language therapist, Health visitors, District nurses and School nurses

If you feel that you are not included in any of the above, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your needs. Our services are provided free of charge.

Health fairs and events

The Oral Health Promotion Team is happy to provide information and advice at organised health fairs and events in a fun and interactive way.

One or more members of the team could attend with a display board of information and a variety of resources.

This has proved popular at Academy School Health Days; County Shows; College Health Fairs and many more.