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FOI requests for April 2021

2021.794 Maternity Services (593.09kb) Download
2021.804 surgical haemorrhoid procedures (115.17kb) Download
2021.749 whistleblowers (213.94kb) Download
2021.750 Board Meeting Software (594.10kb) Download
2021.754 Diabetic Foot Clinics (608.40kb) Download
2021.755 Dental GA Delivery for Paediatric Patients (591.86kb) Download
2021.756 COVID19 & health visiting service redeployments (740.69kb) Download
2021.757 Assaults and Hate Crime (579.89kb) Download
2021.758 Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nursing Services (578.16kb) Download
2021.760 Covid-19 deaths (149.51kb) Download
2021.761 Physiotherapy for Plantar Fasciitis (572.66kb) Download
2021.762 Physiotherapy for Iiliotibial Band Syndrome (572.67kb) Download
2021.763 Quality Improvement (590.72kb) Download
2021.751 Weighing Devices (638.23kb) Download
2021.752 Confidential Waste (568.11kb) Download
2021.764 IT Application Tenders (571.40kb) Download
2021.766 Deaths Relating to Influenza and Covid-19 (599.08kb) Download
2021.767 Digitisation Plans (205.80kb) Download
2021.768 Expenditure on Nursing Staff (576.88kb) Download
2021.769 Hythe Clinic (83.80kb) Download
2021.771 Suicide Cases (597.16kb) Download
2021.772 Covid-19 deaths at William Harvey Hospital (63.61kb) Download
2021.773 Agreements with Earnd (575.15kb) Download
2021.774 Assessments (574.82kb) Download
2021.775 COVID-19 deaths (111.44kb) Download
2021.776 Skin cancer service and treatment (116.72kb) Download
2021.778 Bank and Agency Spend and Hours (642.47kb) Download
2021.779 Physiotherapy Sessions (577.26kb) Download
2021.790 cancer referrals.docx (70.17kb) Download
2021.791 inpatients detained under the Mental Health Act (71.54kb) Download
2021.793 emergency department contact details (70.57kb) Download