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Medway Sexual Health Service for professionals

Welcome to the professionals area for Medway Sexual Health.

Our main hub is at Clover Street, Chatham.

Most of our services are self-referral, however patients requiring psychosexual therapy or some outreach services will need to be referred by a medical professional

Here you will find details of how to refer patients to our referral-only services.

Please use the secure online forms where possible.

Psychosexual Therapy

The psychosexual therapy service in Medway includes clinicians and psychotherapists who are trained and accredited to work with sexual and psychosexual dysfunction.

The team works with the full range of difficulties people may be having in their sex lives and are happy to provide therapy for couples as well as individuals

We can offer therapy treatment programmes within a month of a referral.  We work out of two Medway bases, at our Clover Street and Keystone clinics.

For further information on the service and an online referral form, please visit our Psychosexual therapy page.


Our clinical outreach programme works with people who don’t usually access or engage with mainstream sexual health services.

This can be due to issues of transport, language or cultural difference, or vulnerability.

We offer advice and support to help people reach an informed choice about:

  • all methods of contraception, including emergency contraception and Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)
  • pregnancy choices and referral to services for abortion
  • STI screening and treatment including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV with clear pathways to level 3, adult and specialist/support services.

Vulnerable young people are  offered a  ‘one-stop-shop’ nurse-led service on an open-access basis, including either at home or in accessible venues.

We also work closely with local schools and colleges to provide sexual health advice and support.

Please use the online referral form on our website.

LARC training programme for GPs

We encourage the uptake of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) for all women, and especially for young people.

The use of LARC methods (coils and implants) has been shown to reduce unwanted pregnancies and results in better health outcomes for both mother and child.

We provide free training to GPs and practice nurses in the fitting of LARC methods, and support and training around contraception and sexual health in general. We can also provide support to clinicians needing information regarding specific patients and their contraceptive needs.

Email Sarah Perkins for the Medway LARC programme at

Deep contraceptive implant removal

Medway Sexual Health services now offer a specialist facility for removal of deep contraceptive Implants at Clover Street Clinic, 4 Clover Street, Chatham, ME4 4DT.

The procedure may involve using an ultrasound machine to identify the location of the SDI in the arm. It may also require an application of specialist techniques to remove it.

You can refer patients to our service to remove a deep contraceptive implant if:

  1. It has been assessed as difficult to remove
  2. It has not been possible to identify an implant in the arm

We aim to see all patients within 12 weeks of referral.

Please be aware that we may have to refer to another specialist or Plastic Surgeon for very difficult removals.

Please use the Deep implant referral form and see our Removal of a deep contraceptive implant guidance for more information.


Our HIV Team provide treatment and support to people who are affected by HIV. Our main hub is at Clover Street, Chatham. If you need a medical transfer summary for one of our patients, please email a signed authorisation to