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FOI requests for September 2021

2021.918 Robotic Process Automation (508.61kb) Download
2021.920 Facilities Management (641.43kb) Download
2021.921 Courier Services (737.63kb) Download
2021.929 Expenditure and Estate (421.47kb) Download
2021.930 Data Breaches (381.82kb) Download
2021.932 Waste Disposal (369.29kb) Download
2021.935 Telephone Maintenance (652.71kb) Download
2021.936 Payroll Software (444.15kb) Download
2021.937 Accessible Information (402.48kb) Download
2021.938 Medical Appraisals (385.18kb) Download
2021.941 Orthotics and Prosthetics (466.68kb) Download
2021.942 RIDDOR Reports (378.31kb) Download
2021.944 FOI Structure and Management (578.43kb) Download
2021.945 Medic Rostering (458.69kb) Download
2021.946 Information Asset Owners (549.32kb) Download
2021.948 Herne Bay Blood Clinic (438.23kb) Download
2021.949 Payments (457.43kb) Download
2021.950 Data Management and Medicines Usage (1.05mb) Download
2021.951 Unlicensed Medicine (756.60kb) Download
2021.952 Nursing Agency Use (690.00kb) Download
2021.953 Stranded Patients (551.62kb) Download
2021.954 Patient Feeding and Catering (783.78kb) Download
2021.955 Business Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools (750.67kb) Download
2021.956 Catering Services (379.05kb) Download
2021.963 Notifiable Diseases (373.66kb) Download
2021.967 PCR Tests (178.65kb) Download