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FOI requests for November 2022

2022.224 Subject Access Requests (268.03kb) Download
2022.225 International Recruitment (255.14kb) Download
2022.226 Orthotic Services (372.29kb) Download
2022.228 Trust Software (206.34kb) Download
2022.229 organisation structure (392.85kb) Download
2022.230 Analytics (205.40kb) Download
2022.231 MRIs (229.69kb) Download
2022.233 Maternity Service Provision (227.72kb) Download
2022.239 A&E Departments (222.44kb) Download
2022.240 Trauma & Orthopaedics (210.75kb) Download
2022.194 Remote Monitoring and Virtual Wards (261.41kb) Download
2022.198 ICT Contracts (264.07kb) Download
2022.201 Policy and Legislation (205.38kb) Download
2022.202 IG Structure and Compliance (275.88kb) Download
2022.203 Endoscopes (228.98kb) Download
2022.205 Workforce Musculoskeletal Disorders (352.72kb) Download
2022.206 Digital Dictation and Voice Recognition (301.81kb) Download
2022.207 Carbon Footprint of Medicines (204.69kb) Download
2022.208 Endoscopes (201.58kb) Download
2022.209 Patient Safety Team (270.70kb) Download
2022.210 Visitor Charging Policy and Child Health (227.20kb) Download
2022.213 Overseas Recruitment (298.20kb) Download
2022.214 Trust Board Members (289.86kb) Download
2022.215 ADHD Diagnosis (220.85kb) Download
2022.216 Cases of Appendicitis (223.91kb) Download
2022.217 Occupational Therapists (224.57kb) Download
2022.218 Agency Spend (228.25kb) Download
2022.219 Bank Spend (307.04kb) Download
2022.220 China Partnerships (220.66kb) Download
2022.221 Respiratory Diagnostic Equipment (234.33kb) Download
2022.222 Hip Replacements (200.07kb) Download
2022.223 Senior IT Staff (234.24kb) Download