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Published: 13 June 2021

Keeping it in the family

Keeping it in the familyAlison Read loves her job so much she’s proud to tell anyone who asks her and her passion for #TeamKCHFT has clearly paid off.

When the mum-of-three’s daughter Charlotte Moore decided she wanted a flexible healthcare job to fit around her three children, Alison suggested she join the KCHFT staff bank.

But little did Charlotte know that her first placement would be on Heron Ward at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Herne Bay, under the watchful eye of her mum, the matron there.

Grandmother Alison, who has two other children Sam and Molly, said: “It was a complete accident that Charlotte ended up on Heron Ward and I know I was harder on her than anyone else.

If I spotted her with her hands in her pockets or with an untidy uniform, I told her. And all credit to her, she reacted to matron not mum. My children know I love my job and now Charlotte understands exactly why.”

Charlotte said: “Mum and I were both nervous when I was assigned to Heron, but as soon as we stepped on to the ward we weren’t mother and daughter anymore; mum became my manager and I respected her in that role.”

Charlotte has since moved on and is now working with the Patient Flow Admin Team. She said: “I am so pleased I listened to mum and joined the team.”