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How you make a difference

Patient and nurse_shutterstock_74083033The support you give helps to make a huge difference to patients we treat across Kent and in parts of Medway, East Sussex and London too.

Your generosity aids provision of a better experience for our patients, across the 70 or so services we provide in the community.

From much-needed additional equipment, which the NHS isn’t able to fund, to helping to say thank you to our volunteers, every penny you give helps.

It also supports health and wellbeing projects for the teams who work hard to provide first-class care to the thousands of patients they care for each year.

So, for all that you do, THANK YOU!

What you have helped to provide

We think it’s important to share what your money has been used to buy, so here are just a few examples of what your generosity has enabled us to do:

DSC00746Children love a beautiful wooden gazebo and train-style garden planter, now at home in the garden of the Fairlawn Short Breaks Unit in Ashford.

Our Children’s Residential Short Breaks Service, which is involved with five units across Kent, asked for the equipment. The team provides overnight short breaks for children, aged from five to 18, who have learning disabilities, social communication disorders, complex health needs and challenging behaviour. They were keen to improve the outside spaces that the children use.

And this is where you came in.

Your overwhelming generosity and kindness meant we could buy £9,000 of equipment to make the improvements that children are now enjoying on a daily basis.



Patients with neurological impairments, such as stroke, have benefitted from this high-tech gadget to help regain use of their hands and their independence.

Hand orthosesKnown as a SaeboFlex functional dynamic orthoses, this £9,000 handy piece of kit is the very latest equipment available in neurological healthcare.

Our community rehabilitation teams in Ashford asked for the orthoses to help patients’ recovery in the community. Once again, we were able to oblige thanks to your kindness.

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