Download WaitLess for faster treatment for your minor injury

The WaitLess app combines current waiting times at all urgent care centres – drawn from the official NHS system – with up-to-the-minute travel information, helping you to decide which urgent care centre to head to for faster treatment for minor injuries.

The Encompass project in Whitstable and Transforming Systems designed and developed the app, with input from the Whitstable Medical Centre patient group.


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Leanne Regan

“Mollie (3) was complaining of a sore bottom and it was just before bed so our GP was closed. She was literally jumping around, yelling and crying as it was so sore. We knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep so looked on the WaitLess App to see who had the shortest wait. The app said Estuary View had a 5 min wait, but was closing soon, and is a 20 minute drive away. Or K&C had a 30 minute wait but was only 5 min drive. I had in my head that K&C minor injuries had closed after the press stories lately, so I’m glad I checked the app or I probably would have gone to Estuary View which was further away and may have been closed when we got there. In fact the wait time was only 10 minutes by the time we got to K&C so we were in and out and she was only half an hour late to bed!”

Sarah Abram

“I work as an events medic and I cover university sports locally - anytime we need to send someone up I always check the app to see where they are going to wait the shortest amount of time. My daughter broke her foot recently and we found that Canterbury was the quietest place to take her (Margate was insane at the time). She’s fine now.

It’s a great tool and it saves waiting for ever, particularly if you’ve something that needs seeing to but isn’t desperate.  Had to go Deal myself recently as I cracked my elbow, had a little look at the app to see where was quiet and off I went.  Didn’t feel I was preventing anyone else getting care they needed and not did I sit around for what feels like hours.”

Dawn Appleby

My son’s school called to say they thought he had broken his wrist again (he did it last year). This time I used the WaitLess app and drove to the Victoria Hospital in Herne Bay , the app said 15 minute wait and two people waiting. This was true. We were seen promptly and my son had an x ray . No break but muscle damage suspected , he was given a splint and advice was given about painkillers. I’m not sure what I’d have done without WaitLess and those surgeries, QEQM had 60 patients waiting when I went there last year and I was told we possibly wouldn’t be seen until the next day! I also use the app to advise friends and family who don’t have it.”

Mike Scott

“We keep horses at home, and there are a lot of horse flies in the area. They like my wife, and she gets bitten about once a day in summer (whereas I hardly get bitten at all). She had one bite that swelled up much worse than the others, so we took it to the MIU in case it was infected. The closest would have been Canterbury or Folkestone (we’re in the countryside, about halfway between them), but the WaitLess app suggested the shortest total time would be at the Estuary View centre in Whitstable, so we went there and she got seen with a wait of only a few minutes. The nurse reassured her and said to try a different over-the-counter antihistamine, which she did, and the swelling went down over the next few days.”

Poppie Capper

Poppie used the app when a friend accidently put a nail through their finger. She said:  “We would probably have gone to QEQM in Margate but I checked the app and it said there was a two hour waiting time. The Kent and Canterbury Hospital and Estuary View both had much shorter waits so we went to Canterbury, as the app said there were only two people waiting, which there were! We were seen really quickly by the friendly and professional team at Canterbury and we were home within an hour. They even gave my daughter, who I had to take with us, a teddy.”

Charlotte Reynolds

Mum-of-Two Charlotte from Sandwich badly hurt her knee when she slipped on her stairs at home. Charlotte said: “I was in lots of pain. l checked the app and it directed me to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, where I was seen within the hour. If I didn’t have the app I probably would have headed to Margate A&E as it’s my closest one and I was worried it was fractured. I didn’t even know there were other places to go. Even with the extra travel time it was still quicker to be seen at Canterbury, and the x ray put my mind at rest.”

Ben Roddy

Panto Dame Ben used the WaitLess app when he was injured onstage during a performance of Peter Pan at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. Ben turned his ankle on Canterbury’s cobbled streets while walking to the theatre for the performance just before Christmas 2017. He limped on but during the first act a song and dance routine left him in ‘eye-watering’ pain and fear that he had broken a bone. Ben was collected from the theatre by his wife, Kate, who had the WaitLess app installed on her phone. Ben said: “It showed us that the Kent & Canterbury hospital had the shortest wait, so we headed there. I was seen within five minutes, given an x ray, and discharged half an hour later. It was a nasty sprain and I had to perform on crutches the rest of the week. I must have looked a little odd at the hospital as I was still wearing some make-up – although I had at least got out of my panto costume by then."

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