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Vaccination centres

Our role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme for Kent and Medway


What happens when you get your vaccine?

You may have to queue. There are no refreshments at our centres, so you may wish to bring a bottle of water and a snack. Visit the toilet beforehand.

Please don’t bring anyone else with you, unless you have to.

You may accompany someone who is having their vaccination, if they cannot attend without your help. Once inside the centre, you may be asked to wait in a different area. Let the staff know if they need to be accompanied at all times.

If you need to queue while inside, please remember to stay two metres apart and wear your face mask.

Please don’t drive for at least 15 minutes following your vaccination.

Most side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are mild and should not last longer than a week, such as:

  • a sore arm where the needle went in
  • feeling tired
  • a headache
  • feeling achy
  • feeling or being sick.

You can take painkillers, such as paracetamol, if you need to. If you have a high temperature, you may have Coronavirus or another infection. If your symptoms get worse or you are worried, call 111.