Video consultation guides for health visiting

Your health visitor can provide advice to you via Skype, WhatsApp, or AccuRX video calling. Please see the guides below for more information on using these platforms.

Staff recommendation

"A couple rang our duty line, very concerned about their new baby who was having long episodes of screaming between feeds. After a thorough assessment, I asked them if they would like a video call so that I could observe a feed. I suspected excessive wind. I was able to observe that baby had a tongue-tie, causing him to have trouble feeding from his bottle. I advised parents on the type of teat to use as they were able to show me the selection they had.

They were also able to show me the baby’s crib and I was able to advise them how to safely prop the head end up to prevent reflux whilst observing recommendations around safe sleeping.  We started the call with tearful and upset parents and ended it with them happy, smiling and very grateful. "

Teresa Smith, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse