Empowering Parents – Empowering Communities (EPEC)

EPEC 'Being a Parent' course consists of eight weekly sessions, run by parents, for between 8-12 people.

Each course session is highly interactive, involving an engaging and creative blend of small and large group discussion, role play, demonstrations, information sharing and reflection.

Parents practice and use new skills in everyday life to achieve specific goals.

What do EPEC courses cover?

EPEC aims to improve child development and outcomes, parenting and  family resilience.

EPEC courses combine the latest developmental science and theory with well-evidenced parenting strategies and methods involving:

  • Attachment and parent-child relationships.
  • Understanding and managing children’s feelings and parents’ emotional regulation.
  • Parenting roles, expectations and culture.
  • Parent listening, communication, play and interaction skills.
  • Positive behaviour management and discipline strategies.
  • Managing parent and family stress.

EPEC is proven to improve

  • Parenting support, particularly for families in socially disadvantaged areas
  • Children’s social, emotional and behavioural development
  • Parents’ wellbeing, builds families’ social and community connectedness, and encourages engagement in other local services and wider community resources
  • Community capacity and resilience
  • Parental engagement and positive experiences.

Who leads EPEC courses?

EPEC courses are peer-led by local parents who:

  • Successfully complete the EPEC training
  • Receive ongoing supervision and support from parenting specialists
  • Have successfully completed the EPEC PGL (Parent Group Leader) training.
  • Receive ongoing supervision and support from the EPEC Health Visiting hub coordinators.
  • have received full DBS checks.

EPEC ‘Being a Parent’ course

Would you like to gain confidence in areas such as; play, listening, discipline strategies, children's behaviour and boundaries?

EPEC is a fantastic, parent led group   empowering parents to use up -to-date parenting strategies.

EPEC gives an opportunity to build confidence in a group setting and encourage positive relationships with your child/children.

It’s a free eight week course covering different topics each week and is run by parents in the Gravesend community.

On completion of the Being a Parent course there is opportunity for parents who would like to be facilitators to go on and complete Parent Group Leader training. The PGL training is over 10 weeks and provides additional skills to be confident in group facilitation.

If you are interested please call or email the Gravesend Health Visiting Team 0300 1236670 or kentchft.dghv@nhs.net.


Session 1: Being a parent

  • Getting to know each other
  • Goals for parent and child
  • 'Good enough' vs 'perfect' parent
  • Taking care of ourselves

Session 2: Feelings

  • Remembering what it was like to be a child
  • Acknowledging and accepting feelings
  • Expressing feelings

Session 3: Play and listening

  • Non-directive play - Special time

Session 4: Valuing my child

  • Avoiding 'labels' and describing behaviour
  • Using descriptive praise to change behaviour

Session 5: Understanding children's behaviour

  • Understanding children's needs and their behaviour in response to needs
  • Discipline
  • Commands, consequences, rewards and star charts

Session 6: Discipline strategies

  • Understanding what we mean by boundaries
  • Time out and saying 'No'
  • Household rules

Session 7: Listening

  • Communication styles
  • Helping a child when upset
  • 'Open' and 'Closed' questions
  • Reflective listening

Session 8: Review and support

  • Coping with stress
  • Reviewing the course and knowing where to get support