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Published: 28 October 2021

Blood tests in Deal and Herne Bay

There are changes to where blood tests are carried out for some patients in Deal and Herne Bay.

Blood tests are part of routine care that all general practices provide and patients will continue to have local access to blood tests when needed.

Historically, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust provided blood tests at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Herne Bay and Victoria Hospital in Deal, which some GP practices have used for their patients. This service will cease at the end of October 2021 but all the relevant GP practices in Herne Bay and Deal now have arrangements in place to provide these blood tests.

What you need to know:

Herne Bay

From 1 November 2021 patients registered at:

  • The Park Surgery will continue to have blood tests at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Herne Bay. ​​​​​​
  • The Heron Medical Practice will have blood tests at one of their surgeries, all of which already offer blood tests.

If a patient is asked to have a blood test, an appointment will be organised by their GP practice.

Dr Carter from The Park Surgery has put a video on Facebook that clearly explains the situation in Herne Bay.


From 1 November 2021, if a patient of the following surgeries is asked to have a blood test, they will have their blood tests at their registered surgery:

If you have historically had blood tests at Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Herne Bay or Victoria Hospital, Deal but are not registered with any of the above named practices, you will still be able to access blood tests through your surgery.