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‘My Health Check’ smartphone app

Health check appThe ‘My Health Check’ app can help you to:

  • Keep a personal digital record of your NHS Health Check results and heart age
  • Set goals for yourself, like losing weight, getting more active or lowering your blood pressure
  • Get sensible advice, based on your results, to support you to make the change to a healthier lifestyle.

Download the app before your NHS Health Check appointment and you can enter the data as you go along, with advice from your checker. If you’ve already had your NHS Health Check, add your results in to start using the app.

The app supports the national NHS Health Checks programme and the local delivery of the programme in Kent. If you live outside Kent you can still use the app but some of the advice may be missing.

The app is free to download:

The app has been developed by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust and Tinderhouse.

Haven’t had your NHS Health Check yet? Call 0300 123 1220 or click here.

Outside Kent?