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FOI requests for September 2022

2022.178 oral cancer referrals (51.30kb) Download
2022.175 maternity units (51.84kb) Download
2022.171 E-Scooter and Cycling Admissions (199.48kb) Download
2022.168 Statutory and Mandatory Training (321.82kb) Download
2022.165 Prosthetic Services (220.46kb) Download
2022.164 Orthotic Products & Services (219.45kb) Download
2022.163 Mental Health Services (202.98kb) Download
2022.161 Medical Devices and Education & Development (242.70kb) Download
2022.160 Out of Hours GPs (207.38kb) Download
2022.159 Insourcing and Outsourcing of Clinical Services (236.62kb) Download
2022.157 Quality Assurance Software Systems (232.74kb) Download
2022.156 117 Aftercare Funding Arrangements (224.65kb) Download
2022.155 Brain Cancer Treatment (200.65kb) Download
2022.153 Hard Facilities Management (210.79kb) Download
2022.152 Metastatic Cholangiocarcinoma & Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (212.71kb) Download
2022.151 Neuroimaging Technologies (229.90kb) Download
2022.149 Postal Services (273.80kb) Download
2022.147 Software (270.14kb) Download
2022.146 Hard Facilities Management (206.24kb) Download
2022.145 Operating Theatres (199.64kb) Download
2022.144 Complementary and Alternative Medicine (201.73kb) Download
2022.142 Orthopaedic Consultants (221.70kb) Download
2022.141 Treatment within the Trust (208.72kb) Download
2022.140 Mobile Phone and Data Contracts (243.00kb) Download
2022.139 Microsoft 11 (222.30kb) Download
2022.136 International Recruitment (275.56kb) Download
2022.131 Autism (234.62kb) Download