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FOI requests for September 2020

2020.561 Second Opinions (187.97kb) Download
2020.560 Risk Management and Compliance Systems (158.22kb) Download
2020.559 Health Visiting Teams (183.60kb) Download
2020.558 Contact Details (132.02kb) Download
2020.557 Covid-19 Infections (46.34kb) Download
2020.556 Insulin Pumps (104.34kb) Download
2020.555 Robotic Process Automation (104.24kb) Download
2020.554 BAME Staff Networks (132.69kb) Download
2020.552 Cataract Surgery (103.99kb) Download
2020.551 Commissioning of Community Equipment (926.46kb) Download
2020.549 Hosting Contracts (109.68kb) Download
2020.548 Disciplinary Processes (128.09kb) Download
2020.547 Travel Expenses (104.11kb) Download
2020.546 Translation Services (123.92kb) Download
2020.545 Catering and Vending Services (108.10kb) Download