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FOI requests for September 2019

2019.272 Contact Details (80.87kb) Download
2019.228 Rostering (79.50kb) Download
2019.232 Interpreting and Translation Services (133.72kb) Download
2019.233 Discharge Summaries (83.75kb) Download
2019.234 ICT Contracts (96.70kb) Download
2019.238 Green Space (79.79kb) Download
2019.239 Disciplinary Cases (234.86kb) Download
2019.240 Employment Tribunals (135.27kb) Download
2019.241 Recruitment of Chief Operating Officer (1.02mb) Download
2019.244 Organisational Structure Charts (860.14kb) Download
2019.245 Referrals to Physiotherapy Service (77.73kb) Download
2019.246 Consultants (80.55kb) Download
2019.247 Patient Experience (138.25kb) Download
2019.249 Supernumerary Nurses and Clinical Negligence Claims (80.84kb) Download
2019.250 Pension Tax Relief (81.19kb) Download
2019.251 Translation Services (117.19kb) Download
2019.252 Contact Details and MDFs (120.83kb) Download
2019.253 The Modern Slavery Act (86.79kb) Download
2019.254 Coding for Clinical Discharge (129.01kb) Download
2019.255 Meeting Minutes (138.74kb) Download
2019.257 Exception Reports (81.43kb) Download
2019.258 Robotic Process Automation (82.18kb) Download
2019.261 Food Wastage (77.64kb) Download
2019.263 Obstetric Units (109.51kb) Download
2019.267 Brexit-Related Planning (94.44kb) Download
2019.268 Brexit (77.81kb) Download
2019.269 Recruitment of International Staff (79.90kb) Download
2019.270 Hospital Admissions due to taking Abortion Pills (77.59kb) Download
2019.271 Posts Within the Trust (82.99kb) Download