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FOI requests for October 2021

2021.901 IT solutions (140.04kb) Download
2021.943 Facilities Management (647.57kb) Download
2021.956 Catering and Lift Services (80.67kb) Download
2021.957 Artwork (389.18kb) Download
2021.959 Estates Staff (552.88kb) Download
2021.960 Insourcing (593.75kb) Download
2021.961 Enterprise Resource Planning (646.55kb) Download
2021.962 Children’s Integrated Therapy Services (CITES) (502.61kb) Download
2021.964 Mouth Cancer (434.45kb) Download
2021.965 Accessible Information (471.07kb) Download
2021.966 ADHD (579.95kb) Download
2021.969 Private and Overseas Healthcare (563.89kb) Download
2021.971 Community Dental Service (656.27kb) Download
2021.973 Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) (392.46kb) Download
2021.975 Theatre Management Systems (558.32kb) Download
2021.977 OPEL 3 and 4 (560.28kb) Download
2021.979 Chaplaincy (559.05kb) Download
2021.981 Insourcing & Outsourcing (579.05kb) Download
2021.984 treatments for mental health conditions (103.42kb) Download