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FOI requests for October 2019

2019.298 Artificial Intelligence Technologies (81.87kb) Download
2019.300 Care for Clozapine Patients (81.75kb) Download
2019.304 Compensation Payments (80.55kb) Download
2019.305 Orthotics or Surgical Appliance Service (84.75kb) Download
2019.309 Pregnancy and homelessness (115.70kb) Download
2019.311 dietician trouser sizes (58.86kb) Download
2019.315 Speech and Language Therapy (89.17kb) Download
2019.316 Mental Health Services (89.47kb) Download
2019.256 Employee Health and Wellbeing Programmes (175.89kb) Download
2019.259 Patient Communications (216.57kb) Download
2019.260 Brexit & EU Exit Contingency Planning (79.78kb) Download
2019.262 Laboratories (98.27kb) Download
2019.264 EPR Systems (102.87kb) Download
2019.265 Delivery of Community Services (105.26kb) Download
2019.266 Patient Record Integration & Sharing (83.03kb) Download
2019.273 Brexit Costs (80.26kb) Download
2019.274 Security Management Functions (79.77kb) Download
2019.275 IT Service Management (97.89kb) Download
2019.276 Malnutrition (79.49kb) Download
2019.277 Recruitment of the Chief Pharmacist (77.42kb) Download
2019.280 Clinical Systems (95.51kb) Download
2019.282 Charging Overseas Visitors for Treatment (77.83kb) Download
2019.283 Staff Bank Management (82.34kb) Download
2019.284 Year 6 Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Behaviour Review Online Questionnaire (85.73kb) Download
2019.285 Falls (666.76kb) Download
2019.286 Windows Migration (79.93kb) Download
2019.287 ICT Services (80.67kb) Download
2019.289 Clinical Pathway for Orthotic Support (86.14kb) Download
2019.290 Contracted Social Enterprises (83.98kb) Download
2019.291 Hospital Food (117.48kb) Download
2019.292 Ursodeoxycholic Acid 250mg Capsules (114.59kb) Download
2019.293 Hip and Knee Joint Replacements (77.42kb) Download
2019.294 Ransomware Attacks (77.16kb) Download
2019.295 Bank and Agency (111.93kb) Download
2019.296 Vending Machines (79.86kb) Download
2019.297 Security & RPI Teams (81.75kb) Download