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FOI requests for November 2020

2020.627 Consented Adult Autopsies (103.43kb) Download
2020.628 Car Parking Charges (103.89kb) Download
2020.629 IT Systems (540.45kb) Download
2020.630 Patient Transport and Contact Details (84.47kb) Download
2020.631 Endoscopy Departments (76.83kb) Download
2020.598 Managed Print Services (106.50kb) Download
2020.602 Job Roles and Contact Details (110.34kb) Download
2020.604 IT Infrastructure (110.25kb) Download
2020.605 Cataract Procedures (118.10kb) Download
2020.606 PAS, EHR and Task Management Systems (111.58kb) Download
2020.607 Inflammatory Bowel Disease (106.23kb) Download
2020.608 Radiology Departments (103.79kb) Download
2020.609 Echocardiographers (103.73kb) Download
2020.610 Job Roles (110.33kb) Download
2020.611 Speech and Language (167.28kb) Download
2020.613 Wards and Departments (156.25kb) Download
2020.614 Bed Numbers (156.76kb) Download
2020.616 Rostering (127.59kb) Download
2020.617 COVID-19 (80.46kb) Download
2020.618 Musculoskeletal Services (124.65kb) Download
2020.620 IT Software (108.04kb) Download
2020.622 Franking (82.39kb) Download
2020.624 Organisational Charts (103.42kb) Download
2020.625 Business Cases (103.74kb) Download
2020.626 Accommodation Providers (76.89kb) Download