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FOI requests for November 2019

2019.324 Treatment of a Critically Ill Child (76.95kb) Download
2019.325 Endoscopy Equipment (80.08kb) Download
2019.326 IT Service Management and Desktops (87.27kb) Download
2019.327 Telehealthcare Monitoring (89.56kb) Download
2019.328 Lone Worker Devices (82.27kb) Download
2019.329 Incidents Recorded on Datix (134.01kb) Download
2019.331 Cancer Services (100.72kb) Download
2019.332 Web Filtering Solutions (142.40kb) Download
2019.334 Surgical Robots (79.69kb) Download
2019.336 Mental Health Services (77.29kb) Download
2019.337 Breast Screening and Clinics (77.48kb) Download
2019.338 Data Protection Officer (80.96kb) Download
2019.339 Eating Disorder Services (76.86kb) Download
2019.340 Collaborative Bank (77.16kb) Download
2019.341 Master Vendor Providers (76.94kb) Download
2019.279 Electronic Patient Records (158.11kb) Download
2019.296 Vending Machines (80.13kb) Download
2019.299 E-learning Programmes (278.66kb) Download
2019.301 Information Governance Functions (127.60kb) Download
2019.302 Patient Transport (110.59kb) Download
2019.303 Software Solutions (106.60kb) Download
2019.306 Agency Shifts and Vacancies (79.72kb) Download
2019.307 Telephone System Maintenance (77.81kb) Download
2019.312 Corporate Services Structure (107.66kb) Download
2019.313 Mediation in Whistleblowing Disputes (120.20kb) Download
2019.314 Clinical Systems (95.10kb) Download
2019.318 NHS Reporting (100.17kb) Download
2019.319 Inflammatory Bowel Disease MDTs (52.75kb) Download
2019.320 ADHD (104.62kb) Download
2019.321 Estates and IT infrastructure (80.05kb) Download
2019.322 Data Protection Impact Assessments (559.50kb) Download
2019.323 Fatigue and Facilities Charter (76.90kb) Download