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FOI requests for May 2024

2024.067 Tier 3 Weight Management Services (670.68kb) Download
2024.066 Child obesity clinics (418.18kb) Download
2024.065 Holter Monitors (653.86kb) Download
2024.064 EDI Policy Complaints (652.72kb) Download
2024.062 International Recruitment (709.50kb) Download
2024.060 International Recruitment (694.94kb) Download
2024.059 General ward monitoring systems (531.13kb) Download
2024.058 Hysteroscopies (681.67kb) Download
2024.057 Trauma-Related Tools in a Mental Health Care Setting (647.96kb) Download
2024.056 Devices and Software Applications (747.02kb) Download
2024.055 Agency Staff (675.00kb) Download
2024.054 Trust Sites (694.66kb) Download
2024.053 Myeloma Service Provision (662.75kb) Download
2024.052 Absorbent Continence Products (713.16kb) Download
2024.051 Wound Care Guidelines (850.93kb) Download
2024.050 Urgent and Emergency Ophthalmology Services (655.46kb) Download
2024.048 Reports of Discrimination (687.64kb) Download
2024.047 Connectivity and Network Services (661.77kb) Download
2024.046 Trust Systems (699.83kb) Download
2024.044 ITSM Software (674.09kb) Download
2024.043 Contact Centres, CRM, and AI & Automation (659.12kb) Download
2024.042 Sickness Absence (760.74kb) Download
2024.040 Healthcare Information Communications (696.22kb) Download
2024.039 Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Services (781.26kb) Download
2024.035 ADHD and ASD Children Assessment Clinical Priorities (693.34kb) Download
2024.031 Enterprise Application (707.67kb) Download
2024.030 Temporary Staffing (754.26kb) Download
2024.029 Commercial Trials (648.20kb) Download
2024.027 Sexual Health Services (689.17kb) Download
2024.021 Urinary Tract Infections (692.69kb) Download
2024.015 Delayed Discharges (672.22kb) Download
2024.006 Treatment of Non-UK Nationals (708.67kb) Download
2024.497 Patient Misidentification (664.74kb) Download
2024.083 Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) (381.38kb) Download
2024.074 Staffing agency usage (420.68kb) Download
2024.069 Trust Systems (652.22kb) Download