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FOI requests for May 2021

2021.841 Post Covid Syndrome Clinics (383.79kb) Download
2021.842 Radiology & Teleradiology Services (433.67kb) Download
2021.829 COVID-19 Deaths (378.62kb) Download
2021.835 COVID-19 Deaths (379.38kb) Download
2021.836 A&E attendances relating to eating disorders (70.85kb) Download
2021.837 A&E attendances relating to suicidal patients (71.25kb) Download
2021.770 Medicines Management (633.91kb) Download
2021.777 Occupational Health Services (582.56kb) Download
2021.780 Erostering (625.18kb) Download
2021.782 Risk Management Systems (579.24kb) Download
2021.783 Insourcing (575.73kb) Download
2021.784 Insourcing (580.36kb) Download
2021.787 Mental Health and Neurological Services (629.18kb) Download
2021.788 Patient Safety Specialists (615.50kb) Download
2021.792 clinical engineering (179.52kb) Download
2021.795 locked rehabilitation placements (109.83kb) Download
2021.796 Wi-Fi Providers (603.99kb) Download
2021.797 Orthotic Services (591.80kb) Download
2021.798 staff COVID-19 absences (129.23kb) Download
2021.799 staff contact details (184.31kb) Download
2021.801 gifts and or hospitality received from Darktrace (64.01kb) Download
2021.802 Facilities Management (464.81kb) Download
2021.803 Department Structures (1.08mb) Download
2021.805 Covid-19 (561.99kb) Download
2021.806 electronic medical record systems (62.54kb) Download
2021.807 digital innovation programmes (1.16mb) Download
2021.808 Finance Software (610.04kb) Download
2021.809 utilising Napier Barracks as an asylum reception centre (64.08kb) Download
2021.810 Public Health Funerals and Covid-19 Deaths (607.29kb) Download
2021.811 Annual Spend (599.12kb) Download
2021.812 hospital acquired pressure ulcers & musculoskeletal injuries (185.97kb) Download
2021.814 contracts awarded by the Trust (796.67kb) Download
2021.816 Recruitment (410.21kb) Download
2021.818 executive lead for staff mental health and wellbeing (63.01kb) Download
2021.821 Eobservation Systems (495.85kb) Download
2021.824 Flexible Endoscopes (370.67kb) Download
2021.826 Liquid Biopsies (621.38kb) Download