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FOI requests for May 2020

2020.457 Smoking Bans (104.51kb) Download
2020.459 Aciclovir Sodium (103.89kb) Download
2020.460 Company Spend (110.76kb) Download
2020.461 Invited Reviews (109.53kb) Download
2020.462 Ventilators (103.33kb) Download
2020.463 Trust Departments (104.26kb) Download
2020.465 Stress Related Absence (133.95kb) Download
2020.466 Overtime Pay (111.32kb) Download
2020.468 Mobile Phones (183.08kb) Download
2020.469 Doctors in Training (112.85kb) Download
2020.470 Fit Tests (106.63kb) Download
2020.471 Telephone Maintenance Contracts (190.60kb) Download
2020.472 Acute Beds and Mortuary Services (104.55kb) Download
2020.473 Radiology Departments (103.41kb) Download
2020.474 Contact Details (132.54kb) Download
2020.475 Junior Doctors (103.84kb) Download