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FOI requests for June 2019

2019.136 Dietetic Outpatient Waiting Time (100.46kb) Download
2019.138 Privacy (81.67kb) Download
2019.139 Corporate Records Management (89.67kb) Download
2019.142 Devices (87.08kb) Download
2019.144 IT Infrastructure (702.26kb) Download
2019.145 Imaging Equipment (77.11kb) Download
2019.146 Counter Fraud Activities (116.06kb) Download
2019.147 Car Parking (172.09kb) Download
2019.148 Bank and Agency Spend (119.06kb) Download
2019.149 Cleaning Methods (77.59kb) Download
2019.150 Hymen Reconstruction Surgeries (77.40kb) Download
2019.151 International Recruitment (99.56kb) Download
2019.152 Security Management (265.03kb) Download
2019.153 Glaucoma (83.26kb) Download
2019.154 Budgets (144.40kb) Download
2019.155 Appointment Cancellations (116.55kb) Download
2019.156 Stroke Units (97.97kb) Download
2019.157 Medical Devices and Equipment (85.48kb) Download
2019.158 Overseas Visitors (113.28kb) Download
2019.159 Services Provided to Woodchurch C of E Primary School (82.88kb) Download
2019.160 Social Media (80.38kb) Download
2019.161 EU funding, Trials and Applicants (77.63kb) Download
2019.162 Leadership (86.29kb) Download
2019.163 Hospitals Managed by the Trust (76.66kb) Download
2019.164 Mental Health Medication for Prisoners (77.16kb) Download
2019.166 Legal Fees (80.90kb) Download
2019.168 Collaborative Staff Banks (76.89kb) Download
2019.171 Specialist Stroke Units (79.71kb) Download
2019.173 Agency Nurses (77.63kb) Download
2019.174 Interpreting Services (93.14kb) Download
2019.179 Shunts (CSF diversion) (77.01kb) Download