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FOI requests for July 2020

2020.495 Templates (161.31kb) Download
2020.494 Fit-Testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (111.56kb) Download
2020.493 Whistleblowing (108.49kb) Download
2020.492 Disposal of Sharps (109.59kb) Download
2020.491 IV Medication (103.95kb) Download
2020.490 Training (105.55kb) Download
2020.489 Complaints (106.37kb) Download
2020.488 Doctors (104.10kb) Download
2020.487 PPE Stocks (500.65kb) Download
2020.485 BAME Staff Risk Assessment (104.39kb) Download
2020.484 Structure Charts (231.73kb) Download
2020.483 Immigration Skills Charges (151.72kb) Download
2020.481 Local Area Network (106.76kb) Download
2020.480 ICT Documents (703.18kb) Download
2020.479 Insourcing (112.46kb) Download
2020.478 IT Software (144.01kb) Download
2020.477 Enterprise Application (180.92kb) Download
2020.476 IT Director Role (257.08kb) Download