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FOI requests for July 2020

2020.520 Pathology and Radiology (103.95kb) Download
2020.521 Clinical Effectiveness and Audit Provision (124.23kb) Download
2020.526 Rehabilitation and Assessment Beds (104.04kb) Download
2020.528 Hand Sanitiser (103.79kb) Download
2020.496 Contracts (103.59kb) Download
2020.497 DPIA 188 (391.15kb) Download
2020.498 Cycling Related Head Injuries (103.61kb) Download
2020.499 Workforce Management Solutions (175.92kb) Download
2020.500 CAMHS Services (145.91kb) Download
2020.501 Temporary Staff Management and Spend (110.64kb) Download
2020.502 Emergency Hormonal Contraception Services (182.65kb) Download
2020.503 ICT Documents (757.42kb) Download
2020.504 Intranet and IT Services (555.58kb) Download
2020.505 Community Orthopaedics Physiotherapy Referrals (185.08kb) Download
2020.506 Attempted Suicide and Self-harm Admissions (104.16kb) Download
2020.507 IT Software and Development (141.42kb) Download
2020.508 Overtime and Waiting List Initiative Payments (111.34kb) Download
2020.509 Contact Details (132.14kb) Download
2020.510 Mental Health Services (103.59kb) Download
2020.513 IT Structure Chart (248.94kb) Download
2020.517 NHS Staff Returned to Practice (103.62kb) Download
2020.518 Ophthalmology and Eye Departments (108.65kb) Download
2020.519 IT Spend (108.12kb) Download