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FOI requests for July 2019

2019.198 Agency Staff (149.27kb) Download
2019.199 Instant Messaging by Clinicians (249.46kb) Download
2019.200 Continuing Healthcare (77.23kb) Download
2019.201 Staffing Vacancies (121.95kb) Download
2019.203 Enteral Feeds (20.75kb) Download
2019.204 - Charges for Treatment (23.64kb) Download
2019.206 Mental Health Services (77.71kb) Download
2019.209 Assaults at Mental Health Facilities (77.57kb) Download
2019.210 Mental Health Services (80.18kb) Download
2019.211 Learning Management System (77.19kb) Download
2019.212 Private Patient Income (94.91kb) Download
2019.165 Staff Experience (89.97kb) Download
2019.167 Hospitals and Ultrasound Equipment (83.45kb) Download
2019.169 Resourcing (138.17kb) Download
2019.170 Professional Leads and Structure Charts (406.70kb) Download
2019.172 Telephone System Maintenance Contracts (151.27kb) Download
2019.175 Electronic Document Management Systems (101.55kb) Download
2019.175 Outpatient Appointments (85.06kb) Download
2019.176 Patient Records (85.23kb) Download
2019.178 Suspensions (327.95kb) Download
2019.180 RPA-IA (89.61kb) Download
2019.181 Agency and Bank (207.13kb) Download
2019.182 The New Nicotine Alliance UK (77.52kb) Download
2019.183 Recording of Appointments (87.27kb) Download
2019.184 Referral Forms (329.08kb) Download
2019.185 Chaplaincy Teams (82.42kb) Download
2019.186 Communications Team (133.72kb) Download
2019.187 Assistant Director of Corporate Governance Role (77.14kb) Download
2019.188 Corporate Governance and Assurance (77.45kb) Download
2019.189 Occupational Health (104.24kb) Download
2019.190 overseas visitors (162.87kb) Download
2019.191 LAC and CIC nurses (88.51kb) Download
2019.192 Hospital Food (118.75kb) Download
2019.193 Policies (670.14kb) Download
2019.195 Bank Solution (89.96kb) Download
2019.197 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (77.30kb) Download