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FOI requests for January 2020

2019.356 Demand Side Response Agreements (20.10kb) Download
2019.360 Discharging Homeless People (31.93kb) Download
2019.362 Telecoms and Networks (76.93kb) Download
2019.363 Communications & Telephony (29.14kb) Download
2019.364 Providers of Medical Communications Services (20.12kb) Download
2019.366 Processing of Staff (44.87kb) Download
2019.367 Interim Appointments (23.04kb) Download
2019.368 Health Check Letters (20.12kb) Download
2019.370 Carbon Footprint and Sustainability (31.66kb) Download
2019.381 Consultant Radiologists (23.00kb) Download
2020.371 Referrals to a Food Bank (20.14kb) Download
2020.372 Volunteer Services (20.56kb) Download
2020.373 Non-Disclosure Agreements (75.06kb) Download
2020.374 Facilities Management (31.09kb) Download
2020.376 Hospital Accident and Emergency (20.32kb) Download
2020.377 Soft Management Services (31.63kb) Download
2020.378 Patients with Dental Problems (145.44kb) Download
2020.380 ADHD and autism diagnosis (68.62kb) Download
2020.382 MRI Machines (21.00kb) Download
2020.383 Job Planning (43.88kb) Download
2020.384 Condom Distribution (91.33kb) Download
2020.386 Management of Paper and Digital Records (24.56kb) Download
2020.388 Medical Devices (20.97kb) Download
2020.390 A&E Departments (20.22kb) Download
2020.391 Eating Disorders Treatment (22.61kb) Download
2020.392 Information Governance Team (83.39kb) Download
2020.394 Autistic Spectrum Disorder Prescribing (19.97kb) Download
2020.401 A&E Departments (20.63kb) Download
2020.405 Children’s Operations (20.65kb) Download