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FOI requests for February 2020

2020.375 Venous Thromboembolism Treatment (21.05kb) Download
2020.379 Staffing Organisation and Expenditure (61.65kb) Download
2020.385 Carbon Reduction (301.15kb) Download
2020.387 Consultant Programmed Activities (PAs) (509.86kb) Download
2020.389 Operational pressures escalation levels framework (21.80kb) Download
2020.393 Mandatory and statutory training (105.30kb) Download
2020.395 Electronic Patient Records and Systems (111.17kb) Download
2020.396 Telecoms (20.56kb) Download
2020.397 Learning disability nurses (1.60mb) Download
2020.398 Finance Structure Chart (221.56kb) Download
2020.399 Policies and Procedures (2.28mb) Download
2020.400 Unlicensed Medicines and UK Bespoke Special Formulations (223.42kb) Download
2020.402 Contracts (29.69kb) Download
2020.403 Missed appointments (475.77kb) Download
2020.404 Royal College Report (116.23kb) Download
2020.406 C-arm Provision (175.76kb) Download
2020.407 Health Records (116.75kb) Download
2020.408 Permanent Recruitment (160.57kb) Download
2020.409 Mental Health Services (22.58kb) Download
2020.410 Electronic Document Management and EPR Solutions (106.91kb) Download
2020.411 Fertility Treatment (44.38kb) Download
2020.412 Iron Infusions (103.68kb) Download
2020.413 Procurement of Pre-Printed Stationary (23.78kb) Download
2020.414 Staff and Agency Information (171.17kb) Download
2020.415 Echocardiographers (103.92kb) Download
2020.416 Women’s Health Services (142.68kb) Download
2020.417 Delayed Discharges (158.47kb) Download
2020.420 Inflammatory Bowel Disease (108.22kb) Download
2020.422 management of patellofemoral instability (46.29kb) Download
2020.425 Policies on the Handling and Administering of Cannabidiol (CBD) Product (104.57kb) Download