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FOI requests for December 2020

2020.650 Contact Details (80.71kb) Download
2020.649 IT Systems (78.33kb) Download
2020.648 Language Services (85.71kb) Download
2020.647 Mobile Phone Contracts (86.43kb) Download
2020.646 Covid-19 Deaths (77.26kb) Download
2020.645 Staff Details (81.58kb) Download
2020.644 Agency and Bank Spend (189.36kb) Download
2020.643 Mental Health Services (80.23kb) Download
2020.642 IVF (76.74kb) Download
2020.641 Coroner's Inquests (104.72kb) Download
2020.640 Controlled Cooling (77.45kb) Download
2020.639 Mental Health Services (77.55kb) Download
2020.637 Risk Management Systems (77.43kb) Download
2020.636 Bank and Agency (89.01kb) Download
2020.634 Provision of Continence Products (84.04kb) Download
2020.633 Pressure Area Care Mattresses (83.84kb) Download
2020.632 Cyber-attacks (89.97kb) Download