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FOI requests for August 2020

2020.544 Tier 3 CAMHS (106.42kb) Download
2020.543 Overseas Visitors (154.87kb) Download
2020.542 Contact Details (132.51kb) Download
2020.541 External Temporary Staff (156.02kb) Download
2020.540 Staff and Agency Information (164.43kb) Download
2020.539 Contact Details (133.04kb) Download
2020.538 Counter Fraud (113.16kb) Download
2020.537 IT & Tech Staff (130.96kb) Download
2020.535 Delirium Assessment Tool (107.12kb) Download
2020.534 Patents and Licenses (104.03kb) Download
2020.533 Cataract Surgery (103.94kb) Download
2020.532 Well Led Reviews (103.53kb) Download
2020.531 Zero Hours Contracts (195.03kb) Download
2020.530 Food Waste (372.10kb) Download
2020.529 Surgical Care Practitioners (103.48kb) Download
2020.527 PIA Guidance Notes (270.27kb) Download
2020.524 Ethnicity of Senior Trust Staff (133.92kb) Download
2020.523 Bank and Agency Spend (167.14kb) Download
2020.522 Digital Transformation (131.53kb) Download
2020.515 Sustainability and Sustainable Development (371.87kb) Download
2020.516 Lone Working (143.75kb) Download