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FOI requests for August 2019

2019.224 Diabetes Services (81.12kb) Download
2019.225 Insurance and Risk (77.28kb) Download
2019.226 Operating Theatres (82.84kb) Download
2019.227 bank and agency expenditure (565.27kb) Download
2019.229 Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration (CANH) (79.99kb) Download
2019.230 agency hours and expenditure (168.46kb) Download
2019.231 bank and agency expenditure (195.69kb) Download
2019.235 Private Patient Beds (78.12kb) Download
2019.236 Medication Related Admissions (77.66kb) Download
2019.237 Charges to Overseas Visitors (80.00kb) Download
2019.242 agency nursing (107.91kb) Download
2019.243 hospital admissions (107.76kb) Download
2019.248 maternity services (155.99kb) Download
2019.128 Apprenticeships (77.38kb) Download
2019.194 Interpreting Services (89.75kb) Download
2019.196 Appointment Booking and Reminder Service Systems (290.40kb) Download
2019.202 Reasonable Adjustments for Staff (85.18kb) Download
2019.205 Infected Blood Inquiry (95.71kb) Download
2019.207 Catering Disposables (82.95kb) Download
2019.213 Cord Blood Stem Cells (79.70kb) Download
2019.214 Medical Devices (87.25kb) Download
2019.215 job description, care plan template and risk assessment template (1.02mb) Download
2019.216 Weight of Infants (397.52kb) Download
2019.217 Violations of Patient Privacy (122.94kb) Download
2019.218 Diagnostics (86.37kb) Download
2019.219 Referrals to Physiotherapy Service (82.05kb) Download
2019.220 Leaks (107.89kb) Download
2019.221 Technology (86.86kb) Download
2019.222 Car Parking (77.37kb) Download
2019.223 SELR Exemption and MTI Route (77.68kb) Download