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FOI requests for April 2019

2019.080 Diversity and Discrimination (90.91kb) Download
2019.083 Medication and Prescribing Policy (1.39mb) Download
2019.084 Deaths of Patients with a Learning Disability (98.81kb) Download
2019.086 Patient Falls (183.88kb) Download
2019.088 Use of Staff Banks (95.76kb) Download
2019.089 Assaults on Staff (85.27kb) Download
2019.090 End of Life Symptom Management (257.62kb) Download
2019.091 Ashford and Canterbury Local Referral Unit (77.70kb) Download
2019.092 Staff Assaults (124.77kb) Download
2019.094 Wheelchair Services (84.88kb) Download
2019.096 Trust Bank and Agency Locums (117.66kb) Download
2019.097 Community Paediatrics Service Report (83.39kb) Download
2019.098 Direct Engagement for Locum Staff (114.75kb) Download
2019.099 Provision of Specialist Services for Children who Stammer (77.42kb) Download
2019.101 Clinical Waste (76.87kb) Download
2019.102 Stabbings (76.96kb) Download
2019.103 Diabetes Adult and Paediatric Care (77.65kb) Download
2019.104 Sepsis (81.25kb) Download
2019.105 Lost Patient Data (80.89kb) Download
2019.106 Clinical Service Incidents (139.72kb) Download
2019.107 da Vinci Surgical Robots (78.09kb) Download
2019.108 Hand Drying (173.39kb) Download
2019.109 Pest Control (80.39kb) Download
2019.110 Patient Records (90.76kb) Download
2019.111 Disposal of End of Life Medical Equipment (24.75kb) Download
2019.113 Gas Appliances (165.11kb) Download
2019.114 Non Fire Retardant Material (77.57kb) Download
2019.116 Candida Auris Infection (77.34kb) Download
2019.120 Lost Patient Data (76.99kb) Download