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Diabetes… it’s what you know that helps

Diabetes training bannerFree training courses aimed at helping healthcare professionals support diabetes patients are now on offer from Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The courses range from single-day continuous professional development (CPD) sessions for those who just want to top up their skills through to a three-day foundation course aimed at those with no experience in this area.

The sessions run in Dover, Canterbury and Margate are aimed at GPs, practice managers, nurses and nurse practitioners in east Kent. They are funded by the Ashford, Canterbury and Coastal, South Kent Coast and Thanet clinical commissioning groups.

2017/18 programme

Choose a suitable date and get booked on. We can’t wait to meet you.

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Diabetes Foundation Course

Three days

PrePITstop course aimed at GPs, practice nurses and nurse practitioners. It focusses on group and interactive learning. Participants receive a certificate once the course is completed.

The foundation course helps increase awareness of local diabetes services, national and local prescribing guidelines. It also helps improve your confidence and knowledge when diagnosing diabetes, and when supporting people to self-manage diabetes through diet, active lifestyle and oral medication.

The course has been designed to include the key elements of essential diabetes care that is provided by the GP diabetes team.

  • 20 September 2017
  • 21 September 2017
  • 25 September 2017
  • 18 April 2018
  • 19 April 2018
  • 23 April 2018

All at the Abbots Barton Hotel, Canterbury, CT1 3DU.

Diabetes Advance Course

Two-and-a-half days

PITstop course for primary healthcare professionals concentrating on required skills to deliver an enhanced diabetes service (injectable therapy); including complex orals and injectables.

  • 15 November 2017
  • 16 November 2017
  • 7 March 2018
  • 19 September 2018
  • 20 September 2018
  • 16 January 2019

All at the Abbots Barton Hotel, Canterbury, CT1 3DU.


What participants have said

Jackie Brown has been on plenty of courses – but none quite like PITstop

Jackie BrownAs a specialist diabetes nurse with 20-plus years’ experience, Jackie Brown has been on plenty of courses – but none quite like PITstop.

“It was inspiring, well structured, hands-on and, above all, it made me reflect on my own approach to my patients,” she explained. “It was one of the best courses I have been on – and I’ve been on plenty.”

The PIT in PITstop stands for ‘programme for injectable therapy’, and the course is designed to keep GPS, nurses and nurse practitioners up to date with recent advances in diabetes care.

“Treatment has changed considerably in recent years and there are lots of new drugs and more oral medications that avoid the need to use insulin,” Jackie explained. “It’s really important to keep abreast of the changes because diabetes is a complex disease that can have serious consequences.”

It’s also a disease that is becoming increasingly common, with lifestyle factors contributing to a rise in the number of patients needing support from Jackie and her colleagues across the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Locally born, Jackie spent some time in the Midlands before returning to Kent and working at Kingsnorth Medical Practice, where she is now lead nurse for diabetes.

“Treatment has improved over the years and the PITstop course is vital for any medical professional who wants to make sure they are giving patients the best possible advice and support and the care they deserve,” she said.

Jackie initially signed up for PITstop training simply to update her knowledge, but after attending the first session she took the opportunity to follow a more advanced route that gave her credits towards diploma-level accreditation from the University of Greenwich.

“I completed an essay and was given practical assessments by a mentor who witnessed my patient consultations at the surgery,” she said. “I had no plans to complete the diploma course but I was inspired to put in the extra study by the quality of the training.”

One of the things that impressed Jackie was that the PITstop training includes a patient handbook that medical professionals are encouraged to share with their patients. “I was a little bit cynical at first, but if patients follow the manual when they start treatment they will know much more about the disease,” she said.

“It can be a lot to take in when you are in the surgery, so being able to read the book when you get home is a real help. It’s an ideal way of helping the patient to share responsibility for their care.

“PITstop was inspirational and I can recommend it for anyone who supports diabetes patients – or would like to get more involved in this vital area of healthcare.”

As well as the PITstop courses, the trust runs Pre PITstop courses and one day continuing professional development follow ups. Courses are held in Dover, Canterbury and Margate and are available for staff in the Ashford, Canterbury and Coastal, South Kent Coast and Thanet clinical commissioning groups.