It’s boosting my confidence

10 March 2017

All sorts of people are apprentices. They come from all types of backgrounds and can be all different ages. Being an apprentice helps improves your skills, can boost confidence and can be start of a rewarding career as Development Administrator and Induction Facilitator Collette Partridge explains:

What apprenticeship are you undertaking?

I’m half-way through a Level 3 apprenticeship in Learning and Development. I’m allowed 18 months to complete it.

What attracted you to signing up for an apprenticeship? What are you hoping to get out of the apprenticeship course?

I was able to choose a course that linked into my current role as induction facilitator. The fact that a considerable amount of the apprenticeship involves my assessor observing me at work rather than having to write lengthy essays really appealed to me.

I’m hoping the course will help me with my continuing professional development and allow me to broaden my knowledge and develop further as a trainer. The course is widening my skill set, preparing me with the tools I need to confidently deliver more training for the trust.

What’s been the best element/most rewarding aspect of the course?

I’m able to complete written work on time as it links into my current full-time role with KCHFT.

I’m supported by an assessor who keeps me on track which is really helpful. I also have the chance to gain level 2 certifications for the functional skills in maths, English and ICT.

While I did have GCSEs in these topics, they were completed more than 25 years ago. My assessor has supported me in passing the required exams and gaining the required up-to-date evidence of these skills.

The whole apprenticeship format allows you to study with ease. It’s broken down into bite-sized modules – it’s really satisfying signing a module off and progressing to the next. This is much better than other qualifications where you have to swot up on a year’s worth of information to cram for a final exam.

How do you think your apprenticeship will enhance your career?

Once I’ve completed the level 3 I would like to work towards higher levels of apprenticeship. Since starting the apprenticeship I’ve become more confident in stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges, such as delivering other learning and development courses.

I now deliver the trust’s customer care training and I hope to be able to deliver other courses in the future. While I have several years of experience, it is great to know that once I complete this apprenticeship I will have a certified qualification and I’m very grateful the trust is supporting me in this way.

What would you say to others considering an apprenticeship?

There are lots of different apprenticeships out there so take time to consider how you would like the apprenticeship to develop your career. Have a look online at the modules that are linked to your potential apprenticeship so you get a feel for what the work will involve.

You’re never too old to learn –  I’m 43 and was worried I was too old for an apprenticeship, but wasn’t the case. My apprenticeship has given me a new thirst for learning.

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