FAQs for volunteers

If you have a question that is not answered her, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process should take approximately 6-10 weeks before you can start volunteering. This will depend on how quickly to complete and return the necessary forms, how quickly important stages of the recruitment process take i.e. such as receiving your references and DBS checks. Certain placement may take a further few weeks to arrange after the recruitment process has completed, depending on where you will volunteer. You would not be able to commence volunteering until this process is completed.
You will not be able to volunteer immediately as we need to ensure patient safety, hence the checks that need completed before commencement.
To become a volunteer, you will be required to:

  • Attend an informal interview
  • Complete a volunteer application form
  • Complete a Disclosure & Barring Service check
  • Provide two referees details – not family or in-laws and have known the person at least three years
  • Sign and agree to a confidentiality and security of information statement

No Health Check is required, but if you have a long term condition or medical condition, we would need to be notified of this.

Do all applicants get accepted for volunteering?

Due to the high number of applications, we are unable to place everyone immediately, but we do hold applications for three months.

Where will I volunteer?

We will discuss this at an informal interview prior to the recruitment process. It will depend on what you want to do, when you want to help and where we have volunteer vacancies.

How long will I stay?

We are looking for a commitment of two hours per week over a minimum of six months.

Am I too old to Volunteer?

Our youngest volunteer is 16 and our oldest volunteer is over 90. There is no upper age limit. We do accept volunteers over 16 in non-clinical areas, but we are aware that student timetables can be stressful and we want volunteers to have a good volunteering experience. Please think carefully and decide if you would be able to fit in a regular volunteer commitment alongside study.

Will I get shown what to do?

Yes, depending on the role, it will be on the job learning. We supply all volunteers with a role description and wherever possible, we pair you up with another volunteer to show you the ropes and answer your questions. You will also be given an Induction Guide and local orientation.

Will I be given any support?

You will have supervision on the site you are volunteering, plus the ongoing support of the Voluntary Services Manager. We supply a quarterly Newsletters, an annual volunteers event plus regular updates and feedback to all volunteers.

Volunteers will be required to attend statutory training on site and training will also be provided where appropriate to role.

Will it cost me?

You will be giving the most precious thing anyone has; their time.

You should not be out of pocket for volunteering as we pay expenses and this will be discussed during your placement meeting.

I need a placement for a course I am doing, can you provide this?

Volunteering is not a work placement or work experience and you are not assessed in your volunteering role.  This is volunteering your time to benefit patients directly and indirectly.

Voluntary Services does not organise shadowing of staff or doctors.

I am free over the summer holidays and other holidays, can I volunteer just over this period?

We do not take on volunteers for such a short time.  We ask for people who can volunteer for at least a minimum of six months, this is because recruitment takes time and has a financial impact.

Will I be taking a member of staff's job?

Certainly not! Volunteers complement the work of the staff; they do not replace them.