Bringing ‘Buurtzorg’ to Kent and Medway

Our plans to transform integrated local care

We’re launching a series of innovative pilots in Kent and Medway to help shape the future of community nursing and social care across the country.

Join us on a journey to transform integrated community care!

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What is it?

Transforming Integrated Care in the Community (TICC) is a four-year project to change the face of community care, guided by the principles of Buurtzorg. Buurtzorg is an exciting, innovative nurse-led model of care that revolutionised community care in the Netherlands. Founded by Jos de Blok, in 2006, one of its defining features is that nursing teams are completely self-managed. It has improved outcomes for patients, providing a rewarding and empowering career for nurses and generated savings of 40 per cent to the Dutch healthcare system. It’s been so popular that it started with one team and progressed to 850 teams within 10 years. Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT), along with Kent County Council (KCC) and Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) have been granted €4.8 million European funding to trial this model in the UK. The UK is one of three countries, alongside France and Belgium, taking part. This year, pilots will be launched in Edenbridge, east Kent and Medway. The Edenbridge and east Kent pilots will be led by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust and Kent County Council, and the Medway pilot by Medway Community Healthcare.

More details of our current plans and career opportunities.

What are people saying?

Lesley Strong, Chief Operating Officer, at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Our aim is to design a new model of care, based on the Buurtzorg principles, that delivers better outcomes for patients, results in fewer patients being admitted to hospital and delivers a rewarding career for our colleagues. We’re really excited about this project, which plays a vital part in our plans to transform health and social care across Kent and Medway.” Sue Scott, Community Services Director for West Kent, said: “Nurses in these teams are responsible for delivering care and support to those who need it, as well as managing themselves as a team, which includes planning, sharing responsibility, decision-making and building their own caseloads. “While there are guidelines to ensure care is safe for patients, there are three main principles – look after your patients, have fun and stay in budget – how you do that is for you to shape.” More details of our current plans and career opportunities.