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13 November 2019

FREE NHS festive health checks this December

Gift Yourself a Free Health MOT This Christmas

NHS One You teams are gearing up for a series of special events in east Kent over the festive period which will provide free on-the-spot Health Checks and health ‘MOTs’ in local venues including high streets and pubs.

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust’s One You advisors will be teaming up with Wellbeing People and several enthusiastic local pubs in Ashford and Canterbury to offer Health Checks to their customers throughout December.

The check only takes around 30 minutes and you’ll be given a cholesterol and blood pressure check.

If you’re not eligible for a full NHS Health Check ask for an on-the-spot health MOT instead.

Even if you feel fine, it’s better to know for sure.


Anyone aged between 40 – 74 without pre-existing health conditions can join in the fun!

You can book on 0300 123 1220 or just drop-in on the day.

  • 9 December, 10am to 4pm, The John Wallis (Sport Pub) 8-9 Middle Row Ashford, TN24 8SQ
  • 10 December, 10am to 4pm, The John Wallis (Sport Pub) 8-9 Middle Row Ashford, TN24 8SQ
  • 11 December, 10am to 4pm, The County Hotel Weatherspoon 10 High Street Ashford, TN24 8TD
  • 13 December, 12noon to 4pm, The Beaver INN322 Beaver Rd, Ashford TN23 7SP
  • 13 December, 12noon to 4pm, The Royal Oak The St, Mersham,  Ashford TN25 6NA
  • 16 December, 12noon to 5pm, The Two Brewers, 72 Canterbury Rd, Whitstable, CT5 4HD
  • 17 December, 12noon to 5pm, Old City Bar, 2 Oaten Hill Place, CT1 3HJ
  • 18 December, 10am to 4pm, The City Arms Inn, 7 Butcher Ln, CT1 2JR
  • 19 December, 12noon to 5pm, Maidens Head, 28 Wincheap, Canterbury CT1 3QZ
  • 20 December, 12noon to 4pm, Brents Tavern, Upper Brents, Faversham ME13 7DP

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What’s included?

Health check –  you’ll have your height and weight measured, a cholesterol and blood pressure check, a look at your family history and lifestyle factors to see your overall risk of cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years.

Health MOT – all the above except a cholesterol test.


Health check – aged 40-74; registered with a GP in Kent; not on any medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes; with no previously diagnosed heart diseases such as a stroke or heart attack; and not had a NHS healthcheck within the last 5 years.

Please note there are no eligibility criteria for a health MOT, anyone can have one!