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11 September 2018

Come back… to nursing

Age is but a number and Sue Griffin is proof that it’s also not a barrier to returning to a profession you love.

Return to Practice Nurse Sue is 68 but has recently qualified again as a registered nurse – 50 years after she originally achieved her general nursing qualification.

Sue, who lives on the Kent, Surrey, Sussex border, said: “I love being back. During the return to practice course I was working on the ward at Edenbridge hospital and then extended my experience at Sevenoaks Outpatients.

“Now I’m based in the day centre at Edenbridge and I love it. I’m keen to help those who attend – they come here for lots of reasons – companionship, to beat boredom and to have fun as well as have their healthcare needs seen to. I’ve also signed up to the KCHFT Bank, so I can pick and choose extra shifts in different clinics and hospitals – the flexibility with that is great.

“To anyone considering return to practice, I say ‘be brave’. Age doesn’t matter. Dip your toe in as a healthcare assistant to start with and see if you like it. But ultimately, just do it! We’re only on this earth once and life is for living and enjoying.”

KCHFT is working with Greenwich University and Canterbury Christ Church University to offer an accredited return to practice programme, which means you could be back nursing in just six months.

Those taking part in the training will be employed by KCHFT as a Healthcare Assistant and successful completion of the course will lead to a substantive band 5 nursing role in one of the trust’s community hospitals or community locality teams.

Visit our return to practice page to find out more.