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28 August 2018

Marika Wiebe-Williams

We are sad to announce the death at the weekend of our friend and colleague Marika Wiebe-Williams.

Marika was an HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist based in the sexual health team.

She had been living with recurrent triple negative breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with in November 2016.

We say ‘living with’ because that’s exactly what she did – she lived, and loved, life.

Marika was an incredible force of nature who, despite being on permanent chemotherapy, continued working until just a few weeks before her death, such was her dedication to her work and to her patients.

She loved running and was an active member of the Faversham Running Club, regularly taking part in races to raise money for charities close to her heart, and she was recently featured in a BBC article about people who use running to cope with health conditions. She celebrated her 50th birthday earlier this month with her friends, her husband, Paul, and her two sons, Jacob and Benjamin.

Everyone who worked with Marika will miss her energy, her enthusiasm for her life and for her work, and especially her 100-watt smile.

Marika, on behalf of your NHS colleagues, we thank you for your lifetime of service to your patients.

We thank you for your boundless positivity, and your unstinting support for your colleagues.

We will miss you.

Some of Marika’s colleagues are taking part in the ‘Night to Shine’ Pilgrims Hospice walk (three miles) in Canterbury on Saturday 22 September. If anyone would like to join us you can register at